If you have an iTunes account, the best way to obtain the book is through the iBookstore.
  • iPad, Mac, iPhone only:
    1. iBooks version (1.1.1 with video): The full version of the textbook, with interactive elements and videos. 145.2 MB
      ISBN 9780991893201
  • All other:
    1. PDF version (1.1.2): Contains all the core information but does not have interactive elements or videos.  Now with bookmarks. 5.6 MB
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Please see the Copyright section within the e-book you download for information about copyright. The textbook is Copyright 2012 Karen Raymer, with the following exceptions: some media elements are used with permission. Some media elements are licenced under Creative Commons and can be redistributed. See textbook for more details. 

Latest version: 1.1.1 released February 25; renamed (no content changes from 1.1.0).
1.1.0 released February 15, 2013; includes new video and corrections. Replaces 1.0.